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You send your resume out to dozens upon dozens of companies, to the far reaches of earth, utilizing myriad job boards and craigslist postings in the arduous process. So how the hell are you going to remember where you found a particular job when your interviewer brings up that all-too-common inquiry: “So, how’d you hear about our company?” “Um,”

Here’s the deal: answering this simple question can make your interviewer love you. And the great thing is, when was the last time you didn’t hear this question in an interview? (Also, unlike some dreaded, torturous questions, it’s pretty easy to answer.)

Don’t assume that the interviewer knows where you found the job. Usually, the person who sorts through incoming resumes is not the same person who does the interviews—often, it’s two completely separate processes.

Find a way to organize your job applications if you can’t recall where you found every job you applied for. Better yet, head over to our Tools page and check out JibberJobber, an excellent all-in-one job-search management tool.

You’re basically spitting in your interviewer’s face when you can’t remember where you found out about their company. They’re not going to sympathize with your intense, multitudinous job search efforts. All they’re going to be musing is, “This schmuck thinks our job isn’t important enough,” and, “If he’s way too disorganized to even have a functional job search process, he shouldn’t even be working here.”

It really stokes the interviewer’s ego when they hear you say not only where you found their listing, but how much you really liked the job description and how excited you were to apply for the job. Don’t lose their attention (and the job opportunity) by missing these crucial little details.

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