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Things are getting crazy at the office: the situation is unraveling and everyone’s in a panic. Everything’s about to fall apart and you have two choices: use the pandemonium as an excuse to cower in a corner and allow others to settle the snafu in your stead; or say, “f*** it,” step up, play big and quell the turmoil.

The latter option is what allowed leaders like Gates, Zuckerberg and Gandhi (although we doubt Gandhi ever said “f*** it”) to become larger than life. This sort of attitude is what makes promotions happen. And it’s an attitude you must take on if you plan on climbing your career ladder.

But what if something’s holding you back, what if you don’t feel very big at all? Then we give you permission to pretend. Pretend to be the person you really want to be. If you want to be like Gates, imagine all the things Gates does to be, well, Gates.

Start applying the skill sets your role models use: face your fears, be on time, agree to take on more responsibilities, reinvent yourself daily and think big. Soon, you won’t have to pretend.

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