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The president discussed raising the minimum wage last week, and we’re all for that.

But do you know who makes even less than the minimum wage? Yup, waiters.

Waiters are exempt from the minimum wage law.

Here’s the flip side though. According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, waiters at high-end restaurants are pulling in six figures.

Ivy league graduates are starting their careers serving drinks and food orders at really hip places around the country. Columbia and Harvard graduates are working in places like Per Se in New York.

Our point? Everything you need to learn about professional success you can learn as a waiter.

You want to be successful, you have to wait tables at least once, because you learn the following four vital skills:

1) Multitasking

2) Establishing trust

3) Dealing with demanding people

4) Working on a deadline

When you’re a waiter, you need establish trust. You have to be the person who knows how to take care of someone, and makes the customer feel taken care of.

It’s dealing with demanding people, it’s working on a deadline.

Sound much like an office?

waiter-tray_fullMore accurately, sound much like the path to a successful career?

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