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We like providing you with tips that give you a competitive edge on your job hunt. In fact, we enjoy it immensely. That’s why we’re going to tell you about three websites you have likely never heard of that will give you the tools to gain an advantage over all those schmucks still using their tried-and-true job boards.

Don’t get us wrong, behemoths such as Monster, Indeed and Realmatch are all great places to start searching for a job. But they’re only part of the solution. That’s why these three sites will come in handy when you focus your job search:

Think of as a dart and as a net. While Monster catches every job your keyword may relate to, RileyGuide hones in on a specific niche and points you directly to the appropriate job board. Want to find a job board for horticulture or meteorology? RileyGuide will help you do it in seconds. With over 1,600 links to various job boards and resources, RileyGuide is a secret you should indulge in. It also has an extensive guide on how to search for a job. What’s not to love? focuses on companies that have recently gotten venture capital. What’s great about this is that venture-backed companies have a lot of money in their pockets and they need staff their offices, fast. And they’re mainly doing it through VentureLoop. So go ahead, feel free to abuse your newfound power and find a venture-backed company that’s right for you. is a vast database of tech companies, and a great news source for online startups and everything tech-based. CrunchBase’s Newly Funded listings relay recently-funded startups, as well as the amount of their funding. You can bet these companies will be hiring when you come knocking on their door for a job. CrunchBase also has an adept startup locator that’s powered by Google Maps, to help you find startups within your area.

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