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SHOW DATE: MAY 14, 2014

The whole Donald Sterling issue is bugging us.

We get it, we know how it feels to be put down for being a minority.


While all the energy is being put on hating this senile old man, who’s clearly a moron, there’s one little thing he got right: help your community.

Donald has a point when he says Jewish people help their people underneath.

This begs the question: what’s good for the community and what’s good for you?

If you’re a minority, and you’re in a world where your people have difficulty getting a job, and you’re in a position of influence, help them. You become known as a networker that helps people get jobs. Not only are you raising your own standing in your community, you have a better chance of being helped by someone above you as well.

It’s easy to beat Sterling up. He’s a target you can’t miss. But there’s something to learn from his remark. When you can bring in a team of hard-working people that you know and can identify with, you’re going to be seen as a rainmaker in your community and in your office.

Sounds like segmentation, like Auntie Evan is being a separatist, doesn’t it? Jews hire Jews. Black people hire black people. Women hire women. Gays hire gays.

Here’s the fine print: if you’re sitting there with two equally capable people, and one of them is a person who you identify with and who’s had difficulty getting jobs in the past, hire them.

Don’t get caught up in your anger like those raving against Sterling, or you’ll start sounding like that crazy gender studies professor. We’re called Job Talk, not Identity Talk. We’re here to help you excel at getting a job, and one of the ways you can do that (all things being equal) is to help (and be helped) by the people in your community.

Take away the sole thing Sterling got right and look into your world and find someone you can help.

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