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Your company’s holiday party is a fantastic opportunity to reveal yourself as a company leader. So what’s up with skipping out on it? Are you on crack?

It’s not just an opportunity to dine on the company’s dime. Your boss is looking at you. They’re checking the list twice—who’s coming and who’s not.

As bosses, Auntie Evan and Uncle David want to know that you’re there for them. That means not sending an email 30 minutes before the party to cancel.

Utilize the holiday party to show your boss that you’re a leader who deserves a promotion.

If you’re new at a company, the holiday party is a great place to grow your presence and get yourself out there. By not showing up, you blow the opportunity.

And don’t send an email that you’re not going—that’s the coward’s way out. At least call. Don’t rationalize it by figuring everyone’s too busy setting up the party to receive the call. If something truly does come up last minute, call in, don’t email, and say you f-ed up.

A holiday party is a marketing opportunity, not just a chance to get drunk. You meet potential clients and show your boss your commitment to the company.

And guess what: If you miss the party, or cancel last minute, you’re showing your boss that this is a recurring problem in your job and in your life. Not good.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 1099 or W2—the company is still going out of its way to make sure you’re making a living. When you don’t show up, you’re making a choice. You’re putting the company second.

And if you’re working at a small business, realize that the owners are struggling to make everything work. Think about how to make your company more money so you can get more money.

When you get a chance to attend the holiday party, don’t blow it off, use it to your advantage and show your boss that you’re there for the company.


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