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When your boss offers you an opportunity to take on a new responsibility, don’t even think. Don’t even breath. Just take it.

Whether it’s speaking in front of a group or taking on a new task at work, the opportunity can reveal your skills, teach you new ones, and show your employer what you’re capable of. Even if you’re offered the opportunity last minute, if you mess up, at least you have the excuse that you had no time to prepare.

“But I get nervous, I get cold feed, what do I do?” Don’t get nervous. All your employer is going to think is that you’re not going to get offered another opportunity for a long time—you had your shot and blew it.

Stop with the excuses—you can’t rely on your boss to coddle you. Don’t lose the chance to take on a new opportunity: it’s going to get you a raise, or a promotion, and you’re going to be seen as bigger, better and greater.

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