SHOW DATE: JUNE 26, 2013

The landscape of job interviews is shifting dramatically—not only have phone interviews been introduced as a serious alternative to the vanilla in-person interview, but Skype, Google Chat, FaceTime etc., have all joined the fray and proven that video chat is as powerful and convenient a tool as any traditional interviewing method. What this means for you is that you have to stop thinking you have the art of the interview down pat and adapt to a whole new skill set—or risk getting stuck with the luddites who still believe that webcams are only useful for Chatroulette sessions. Here’s a few tips to get you on your way to the 21st Century.

First off, don’t let your nasty, unclean bedroom be in the background. Go into the kitchen or someplace clean where you don’t have your weird posters from 8th grade on the walls behind you. Sit in a quiet place that has good lighting. Once your environment looks presentable, focus on yourself. Wear a solid-colored shirt, nothing striped or weirdly pattered—you want to be easily distinguishable on video. Also, don’t wear anything less than pants (remember, this isn’t Chatroulette) in case you need to get up for something.

The first few tips come as fairly standard notions, but this next one many people neglect or just put off for reasons of laziness: do a technical run-through before the video interview. Contact a friend over video chat, make sure he can see and hear you clearly. Finally, don’t be afraid to wear a headset—a volume boost and a clearer voice will only serve to help you in your next video interview.


By Aleksandr Smechov