Jamie Luu Photo

SHOW DATE: JULY 31, 2013

On this week’s show, Auntie Evan and Uncle David interview Jamie Luu, a nutritionist from Almased, who offers expert advice on simple ways to get active and avoid gaining weight on the job, and how Almased can help raise your metabolism, burn fat and retain muscle, even while you sleep.

Uncle David: Why is it so easy for you to gain weight at a desk job?

Jamie Luu: Despite working all day, you’re still sedentary at your desk. This slows down your metabolism and keeps you from burning fat. If you think about it, you work from 9-5, come home, have dinner, wind down by watching your favorite shows on TV, and then you go to sleep. To avoid gaining more weight, you need to get more active. Even if you have absolutely no time in your day to devote to exercise, there are simple changes that you can make that can make a difference.

UD: What are some small ways you can stay in shape?

JL: You have to get active, and to get active you need to make time in your day to move around. Small changes can accrete to make a noticeable difference. You can stand up when you’re on the phone, take stretch breaks, or circle your building during your lunch break. Cut out the technological middleman for at least five minutes: instead of emailing the office next door, deliver the message in person. You can also use technology to help you get active: you can set an alarm to remind yourself to get up and walk around the office.

Auntie Evan: So tell me about Almased.  What is it, and why is it different?

JL: Almased is a weight-loss supplement. What makes Almased stand out are the simple ingredients. There is so much junk in most weight-loss products on the market, that at the end of the day you don’t know if what you’re taking is helping or hurting you.

UD: So what’s in Almased? Now I gotta know!

JL: There are just three main ingredients in Almased—and you can actually pronounce all of them: soy, yogurt and honey, along with vitamins and minerals, and that’s it. There are no artificial flavors, fillers or preservatives, and no caffeine or hormones, so you won’t get that jittery feeling.

UD: But how will Almased help you lose weight?

JL: Even though Almased has only 180 calories, it’s high in protein and will you keep you satisfied and feeling full for several hours. Over time, your metabolism will be raised and your body will burn fat while still retaining muscle, even in the middle of the night while you sleep.

AE: Where can you buy Almased?

JL: You can purchase Almased at, or at your local food store and GNC—the Almased website has a store locator that finds the closest shops near your zip code that carry Almased. The website also has a 14-day diet program you can download that will help you lose weight and improve your metabolism in just 14 days.

AE: Great! That’s phenomenal. Thank you so much.