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Your body might be telling you that you need a vacation ASAP.

We read an interesting article by’s Jeff Haden, where Haden interviewed Jeremiah Bishop, a pro mountain bike racer.

Bishop, being a high-performance athlete, knows his body really well. He gave some excellent indicators that you may need a vacation NOW:

1) Check your emotions: if you’re having emotional mood swings that put you out of character, that’s one sign you need a vacation.

2) Check your weight: Bishop says that if you’re having 1% swings in your weight per day, you’re in trouble. Your weight fluctuations are a sign you need to stop stressing and haul your ass to the nearest plane.

2) Check your urine: as a village drunk once said: “The piss is in the details!” If your body is exasperated, you tend to get dehydrated more often, which causes your urine to be darker.


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