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When you’re at work and you’re leading a team through stressful circumstances, you tend to be the supreme and smack down your employees when something goes awry.

Sometimes, this is unnecessary. Sometimes you have to be a leader and you have to inspire and educate rather than be, well, a biatch.

Last week, Auntie Evan and Uncle David got into a full-out war between each other, and their office manager got sucked into the crossfire.

The argument started over their non-profit organization, Essay Busters, which helps inner-city kids in New York get into college.

Roberto innocently posted on his Facebook page an idea he had about choosing a different charity every month and raising money for it.

Auntie Evan read this Facebook post and went ballistic, calling Roberto up at 11pm and ranting about how much of an embarrassment it was for the executive director of one organization to talk about giving money away to others.

To Auntie Evan, it was analogous to when you’re friends with your wife on Facebook and you send out a post asking if anyone would like to have an affair.

But instead of coming down like a ton of bricks, Auntie Evan could have understood that this was a brain glitch, it wasn’t personal. Instead of getting emotional and raging, he could have explained it in a way that was educative and understanding.

Bosses make mistakes too. Even in a position of power, there are consequences of raging on your employees; when employees give a lot to an organization and they don’t feel respected, it makes them want to pull back.

Luckily, Auntie Evan made amends during last week’s Job Talk Live radio show.

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