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Is your resume stuffed to the gills? Are your margins .2 inches on every side? Does your resume look like a wall of ink when you print it?

We know that one of worst things you can give to an employer is a thin resume. The second worst? A resume that shows no restraint and no editing.

Resumes are snapshots, not comprehensive documents—that’s what a CV is. CV’s can be five or six pages long, because they’re basically everything you’ve ever done.

As for your resume, if you’re under 35, you should stick to one page.

Here are the guidelines for your page margins:

  • A top margin of .5 inches
  • A bottom margin of no less than .3 inches
  • Keep those side margins to a full 3/4 of an inch.

If you find yourself going to the edge of the paper, show some restraint. Employers will respect you more for knowing how to cut the fat.

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