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As a new adult, it’s time for you to start giving your boss regular updates on your progress.

We understand you’re busy, we get that you work your ass off. With so much on your plate, and so much more coming in, it’s more than a nuisance to take time off to send progress emails to your boss.

But all you’re doing is keeping them in the dark, leaving them to wonder, “What the hell is going on?”

Abdicating continued communication gives way to tension. Your boss thinks you don’t trust them enough to keep them in the loop. Think of the time you take out of your day to send progress emails as time spent building trust.

Shoot them a simple email saying, “We’ve handled this,” or, “We’re midway through project X.”

Trust and communication is what puts you ahead of others when being considered for a promotion. It would be shame if you miss this simple opportunity to build upon both because you can’t sacrifice a few moments of your packed day.

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