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So you’re searching for jobs on websites like Monster, Career Builder, and Indeed.  That’s great!  Sadly, though, it’s not 2002 anymore, so you’re going to do more than just use the Internet if you want to be competitive.  You have to learn online tricks that give you an edge.  And one great trick is to sign up for email alerts.  With an email alert, you don’t have top find the job…the job finds you—by sending you an email when the right job is out there!  Not only are alerts fully customizable, but they are offered by all the aforementioned job search sites, as well as many others.  And while the increased convenience is nice, here’s the real benefit of email alerts: by being the first to know about new job offerings, your resume will be in the first stack of 20 to arrive on the hiring manager’s desk…not the last stack of 20 (what people who hire others refer to as “recycling” or “kindling,” depending on how environmentally-minded they are).

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