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For some, this is a glorious day in the world of sports.

In a world where football players seem to be exempt from all of the rules the rest of us have to live by, where they can do anything they want and keep their multi-million dollar jobs, finally we get something more than dismissive behavior.

Baltimore Raven’s running back Ray Rice was recently fired for beating his wife.

We all saw the video of clocking his wife.


And yes, this is horrible.

But on the other hand, should personal life interfere with work? Isn’t it, you get fired for what you did wrong on your job, not outside your job?

There hasn’t even been a trial yet, and already the NFL has Ray Rice lock, stock and barrel condemned.

This may be a slippery slope to a world where you hire or fire somebody based on what goes on behind the privacy of their own homes.

Some may call it a question of morality.

When is it OK for an employer to fire you for what goes on behind closed doors?

Janay Rice understands that because the NFL interfered in her personal life, they basically ruined her life financially.

Who you are in life is who you are on your job. If you’re a person that beats your wife and has flagrant disregard for any morality, then who is to say you won’t be like that on your job?

If our employee Tom got caught and turned out to be an escort, then it would now be known that our company hires prostitutes. Our calls might drop and our reputation may be damaged if Tom continues parading around the offices.

Ray Rice is a public figure. We’re all public figures in our communities.

We can break it down further to morality and legality.

When Ray Rice dragged his wife to the elevator—that was a question of morality.

When he clocked his wife—that was a question of legality. It’s illegal to assault someone.

A company has a vested interested in its brand image. If an employee is stealing or killing people, that company has the right to protect its image.

If you’re doing something outside your company that violates every moral code out there, it’s your life, your choice.

But if you’re getting knee-deep in legal snafus, or your moral blunders are making their way across media channels, your own life is negatively affecting your employer’s image, which is a substantial reason to be fired.

Bottom line, your personal life is a reflection of how you act on the job and vice versa. Keep both in check and you’ll be fine.



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