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Sex with Employees?

Having sex with your co-workers; it gets you all tingly just reading it.

You know you do it, you know you wanna do it and you know you’ve done it before.

We say go for it. You go girl. You go boy. Do it and have fun. It doesn’t matter, AS LONG as you’re performing at an Olympic level at your job (and hopefully in bed). It’s a release, it’s necessary and it’s healthy. When you’re working as hard as you are, a cathartic fling will keep you from crashing. There are some points to seriously consider before you get nasty, though, which we’ll list later.

The topic comes up after an influx of media coverage revolving around the hook up stories in Sochi. Gold medalist Jamie Anderson even deleted her Tinder app because it was too distracting.

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And it’s not only sex. You can freely speak your mind, be outrageous, really push the edge of a “work personality” when you’re giving you’re A-game day after day. Few can question your more “out there” actions or your free disposition when you’re working your ass off and doing amazing things.

Bottom line, if you’re the Jamie Anderson at your job, go for it. If you’re making it rain money and everybody’s lives are better because of your work M.O., do it. Maybe some little nothing may turn around and say something—don’t worry. When you’re great at what you do, their words won’t carry far.

Gearing Up Emotionally

The only office flings go wrong, even if you’re both Olympic-level employees, is when one person wants it and the other doesn’t. You have to understand there’s a cap on this game. The person that gets called out is the one who’s freaking out that they’re not getting it anymore.

That means being a mature adult and moving on when it’s over. This is VITAL if you want things to go smoothly afterwards. Keep in mind 15% of office hook ups blossom into long-term relationships. 85% don’t.

Emotionally gear up to move on fast if you’re thinking of hooking up, or don’t do it at all. Keep it on the down low and be satisfied with the good sex you had along the way and then look for your release elsewhere. Myriad office hook ups go sour because one of the employees got too emotionally hung up on the other. People might talk, they might talk, just be prepared.


Now, if your office has rules about this—yes, actual veritable rules that explicitly state “no employee relations”—you are risking your job, no matter how well you perform.

And try to avoid sleeping with managers and bosses (anyone directly above you, for that matter), or employees you’re managing yourself. It only makes the field more prone to drama.

Sex in the Office?

Now comes the more deliciously nefarious question: you have the keys to the office, you know when the boss is out… do you do it?

For some employees, such as our office manager who lives with three other roommates, bringing someone back home is not always an option. Worst comes to worst, and keeping to the fact that you’re performing at your best on the job, try it. Once. Just be slick about it. To quote Auntie Evan, “if you ain’t slick, don’t use your…”

But we don’t encourage it. Just like you don’t eat where you defecate—or worse, vice versa—you want to keep the office (and its tables) strictly for job-related tasks.


And yes, if you really want to know, our office manager has indeed done the dirty at our office. Listen to last Wednesday’s Job Talk radio show here, where he describes the experience—and hear some of our callers talk about their hot flings as well.

FYI, we are now on livestream, so you can see what we’re up to during peak hours—unfortunately, this is strictly professional, so no webcam material. Just our office manager’s handsome face.

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