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I get it: You love your friends and family. So when they text or call you at work, you don’t want to ignore them—you want to respond. That’s really nice of you.  But your niceness isn’t helping your career.  It’s just hurting you.  Even if you think you’re good at hiding your personal communications, your boss is onto you (trust me, I’m a boss—I know).  And even if your boss is somehow oblivious to your busy thumbs and whispered conversations, there’s a bigger problem—you’re not being as effective as you should be at your job.  And when that happens, it makes you ripe to be passed over when the next promotion comes around.  The cushy corner office job will go to the guy down the hall who doesn’t text with his brother or girlfriend every 20 minutes.  Point is: it’s time to put an end to all the personal communication.  The occasional call or emergency text is fine.  But more than that is not.

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