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They say the job god is in the details, and that includes something as minute as the spacing between the letters in your resume. It’s these little differences that make you stand out from everybody else.

Here’s how to increase the character spacing in Word and make you resume look more sophisticated and elegant.

You know those section titles you have, “Experience,” “Education,” etc.? We’ll be focusing on that today.

Right click the section title and choose “Font…”

right click font


Next go to the “Advanced” tab (note: this is if you’re using Word 2010; Word 2007 will say “Character Spacing.” In the “Spacing:” drop-down menu, select the “Expanded” option and in the “By:” drop-down menu directly to the left, type the number “2″ in place of the “1,” and leave the “pt” alone.

expanded example

















And here is the result:

experience example

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