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A big shout out to James Clear from Buffer for introducing us to an amazing technique that helps you annihilate your procrastination in two minutes or less.

Those of you who tend to procrastinate when a big project looms around the corner feel the dread building up before you even begin working on it, because you just know those last few hours before deadline are going to be a suicide mission.

Kill that procrastination right this instant by splitting everything into itty bitty two-minute chunks. Whatever can be accomplished in two minutes, do it.

Have a behemoth of a spreadsheet to complete? Do a few cells in two-minute intervals. You’ll do a little bit, then a little bit more, then some more, and before you know, you’ll be done.

If you’re a procrastinator, don’t waste your time: split everything up into bit sized, two-minute pieces. It’s brilliant and it works.

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