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When Edward Snowden became the nation’s biggest whistleblower, Glenn Greenwald broke Snowden’s story, and Laura Poitras filmed them both for her documentary, they weren’t being just a computer specialist, just a journalist or just a filmmaker. They used their jobs to band together to do something powerful. They stepped up to the mat, played big and made a huge difference in the world—and made history in the process.

When was the last time you did something amazing at your job?

You don’t have to max out your airport threat level just to play big and do amazing things at work. But you do have to walk into your job and blow up the paradigm; and you do need to try something new, something different every day.

Here are four tips to help you resuscitate your career, your life, and reinvent the way you see yourself at your job.

1. Recognize that you’re operating out of fear: You‘re tired of going to work day in and day out. Sometimes you feel like you’re just counting the minutes till your next paycheck, and it’s making you miserable. That’s not the life you want to have. But you’re having it because you’re operating out of fear. Whether it’s a new job opportunity or an opportunity at your job to make a difference, it’s easier to let it go than to put your money where your mouth is. Recognize that operating out of fear and laziness holds you back from having the life and career that you want. When opportunity is staring you in the face, take it!

2. Stop playing small: You know why you’re not getting that raise you‘ve been yearning for? It’s because you’re playing small. You’re sharpening pencils because you’re told to; you’re only taking on the responsibilities you’re required to do. Don’t just serve that hamburger, make it a full-on experience so people will come back. Change the restaurant. Don’t just sell clothes to customers to make a buck, reinvent the way the customer sees himself—teach him how to dress well, explain to him what colors go well with others. 

3. Get a partner who wants to make a difference: Get a partner in your life who loves you and cares for you and wants to make a difference in your life and at home—it’ll make loving life, and loving your job as part of your life, a whole lot easier.

4. Create a work action plan: What are two things you can do today and tomorrow that will help make a difference at your job? What’s something big you can do in a week? Get proactive and chart out what you can do to transform your job and transform yourself.

Here at Job Talk Daily, we abhor complacency. It doesn’t matter whether you’re polishing the floors or leading the company: you have the ability to make a difference and do something amazing at your job, and reinvent yourself in the process.

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