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SHOW DATE: MAY 22, 2013

Are you proud of your resume? Have you spent lost of time and effort perfecting it, proofreading it, and ensuring it contains accomplishments and metrics? Great. But if it’s your only resume, you’re only halfway there.

You should always have two resumes. The first should be an industry-specific resume, where that you can use jargon and lingo unique to your industry. It is the resume you’d use for getting a job just like the one you have, but with another company.

The second resume you should have is a more general resume designed for changing industries.  It’s a great tool to have when you happen to meet someone in another industry who is looking for employees. And in this resume, you kill the jargon and lingo and instead talks about the skill sets you can bring (and how they would translate into another position in a different industry).

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