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Why were you fired? The question sends shivers down the spines of millions of potential employees. They clam up and begin stammering nonsense about layoffs and unfair bosses—after all, how can an honest answer possibly benefit their chances of getting the job?

Don’t lose hope—one of the most hated questions in the world of interviews can actually turn out to be your greatest asset. Here’s how to turn this notoriously vile question around and make yourself a big, bright shining star in the process: talk about getting fired as the best thing that’s ever happened to you.

Don’t chalk this off to masochism just yet. When you were fired from your last job, were you angry? Sure, most people feel betrayed and dejected when they get laid off. But didn’t it also make you realize that there were many others opportunities still waiting ahead?

Bringing up this revelation during an interview shows that you are not only honest, but also open to change and have an appreciation for learning new skills. It’s the fact that you didn’t give up and were prepared to face new challenges—like searching for a new job—that shows how well you learn from your mistakes and adapt to change.

That said, there’s one crucial thing to remember—don’t blame your old boss. It was his right to fire you, and holding him accountable will only show how quickly you put the blame on others instead of reassessing and reinventing yourself. In other words, you’re just like the rest of the shmucks who look for excuses instead of opportunities. And shmucks don’t get hired.


By Aleksandr Smechov

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