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Every week, Auntie Evan and Uncle David scour the news to find a Hire or Fire of the Week. Hires display impeccable aplomb and go above and beyond what they’re expected to do on the job. Fires do the opposite. Tune in every week to see who’s getting Hired or Fired next.


After winning the New Jersey Powerball Lottery, the sixteen employees of the Ocean County Vehicle Maintenance Department—dubbed the “Ocean’s 16”—did something that proved their incredible commitment to their job: with $86 million to their collective name, the lottery winners clocked into work the very next morning, and most have said they will continue working for now.

Comprising a quarter of the workforce, the sixteen Powerball winners could have easily damaged the business by ditching their jobs after the remarkable news. But they stuck to their schedules and continued to punch in. Now that’s dependability.

Another reason the Ocean’s 16 are this week’s Hire is their rock-solid commitment to their team. The woman who picked up the winning lottery ticket could have claimed the money for herself and flown to Barbados with over $50 million (after taxes). There could have been a huge lawsuit in the works. Instead, everyone got their share.

The Ocean’s 16 have shown genuine integrity, and their actions should be used as an exemplar on how to be a true team player, whether you’re a newly-minted multimillionaire or a laborer at a vehicle maintenance garage in Ocean County.

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