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Even the teensiest details on your resume can transform you into a powerful player on the job market.

Do you have gaps in your resume? Whether you have white space for three months or for three years, your employer wants to know what you were doing. However, people tend to leave gaps anyway, hoping nobody will notice. For all the employer knows, you could have been behind bars for cooking meth. Make sure you cover all your bases and list what you did in between jobs.

If you were out raising a family, or out on maternity leave, put it down on your resume: “Managed a household of three children.” As we’ve said before, the skills you obtain from motherhood are invaluable and will only help bolster your resume.

If you were out on a six-month Euro-trip as a last hurrah after graduation, list it on your resume (not the last hurrah bit, just the Euro-trip part). You could have picked up a new language, expanded your cultural awareness, or were inspired by something you saw or heard on the trip. These are all great things to supplant that awkward half-year gap on your resume, which every employer is going to question anyway.

Don’t fret if you were seeking employment between jobs, even if you took a year. Put it down. In this economy, no employer will begrudge you for taking a long stretch of time to find a job. Besides, as with the examples above, you might have learned a few useful skills during the time off.

Creating a robust resume is more vital now than ever before: job creation in small businesses has doubled in the past six months. And for smaller companies and startups, Craigslist should be one of your first destinations, since the list space is dirt cheap and companies save thousands by bypassing big-name recruiters.

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