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Uncle David has gotten every job he has ever gone for, so when he gives job-hunting advice, you better listen up. Join us every week for Uncle David’s 100% Successful Job Hunting Tip.


Last week, Uncle David showed you how vital it is to fill in the gaps on your resume, and how crucial it is not to ignore them.

This week he’d like to give you a good idea of what to actually jot into those blank spaces. Here are some good examples:

If you were raising your kids, write: “Raised children: 2010 – 2013”

If you were traveling in Europe, say: “Traveling in Europe: February 2013 – July 2013”

If you were job hunting, put: “Job Search: June 2013 – August 2013”

You get the format. Just remember that you don’t need to explain anything—simply describe, in a few words, what you were doing between jobs. Keep your descriptions down to a line and don’t explain anything on the resume: if your employer wants to know what you did in Europe, he will ask you during your interview.

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