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Certain body language can make you look defensive and weak on the job.

We’ve read a nice article by Julie Bawden Davis on the American Express Open Forum site, and she gave five poses you should never assume in the office. Check them out:

1) Crossing your ankles while standing. Frankly, it’s much more comfortable in high heels to stand this way, but it makes you look flirty.

2) This one’s just too demure: when you stand with your hands clasped over your front, it looks too submissive.

3) Tipping or tilting your head while listening. It’s cute, but you’re not Fido; don’t tilt your head like a dog.

4) Eye contact while your head’s tilted down: that’s just way too flirty.

5) Any nervous habit: picking lint off your clothes, cleaning your fingernails or twirling your hair while someone’s talking to you. It just zaps all your credibility.

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