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Every week, Auntie Evan and Uncle David scour the news to find a Hire or Fire of the Week. Hires display impeccable aplomb and go above and beyond what they’re expected to do on the job. Fires do the opposite. Tune in every week to see who’s getting Hired or Fired next. 


Our Fire this week is white supremacist  Craig Cobb. You may know him as the guy that bought up most of the properties in Leith, North Dakota, in an attempt to create a whites-only town.

Cobb was on a British TV talk show, the Trisha Goddard show, last week, where he was discussing racial purity. Trisha decided to do a racial purity test on the show and Cobb agreed. Guess what? Turns out Cobb is 14% sub-Saharan African according to his genome.

But the reason he is our fire of the week is not because he’s a white supremacist (despite this being a good enough reason), but because he was so blindsided by his beliefs.

If you’re going to a meeting or a presentation and you get blindsided because you can’t anticipate basic questions, you end up looking like a fool. When Cobb was asked to give his DNA, he should have realized he was walking into a trap.

You can avoid embarrassment simply by being prepared and anticipating what can go wrong.

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