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Every week, Auntie Evan and Uncle David scour the news to find a Hire or Fire of the Week. Hires display impeccable aplomb and go above and beyond what they’re expected to do on the job. Fires do the opposite. Tune in every week to see who’s getting Hired or Fired next.


Playing big and being amazing is our theme this week. And that includes how you leave your job. You can leave it powerfully, or you can be like Sand Diego’s mayor Bob Filner, who adamantly refused to give up his post even after 18 women—including two veterans who were sexually assaulted during their service—accused him of everything from inappropriate comments to forcible kissing and groping.

If you’re in a bind like Filner’s, it’s beyond doubt that it’s time to pack up and ship out. Filner can leave powerfully by simply scraping whatever little dignity he has left and parting with his job quietly. Instead, he keeps holding on and on, carving an even deeper pit of shame that will eventually swallow him whole.

Somebody needs to seriously give this guy the boot.

Also, a note of advice to those of you who are in the process of leaving your jobs for whatever reason: there are two things people usually email out when they leave—a rant along the lines of, “everybody here sucks, and you can all go to hell,” or a huge eye-rolling email detailing all the good times they’ve had and how much they will miss everybody. Avoid both. Take a lesson from Filner’s mistake and choose to leave powerfully: keep your parting email short and elegant, and don’t tell anybody off.

The way you leave your current job is the way you’re going to operate in your next one.

Update: On August 23, Filner finally resigned. Upon his terms for resignation, the San Diego City Council agreed to fund a portion of Filner’s expenses for a sexual harassment lawsuit brought on by Irene McCormack Jackson, Filner’s former secretary.      

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