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Freedom and independence lead to more job satisfaction.

A new study by the Pew Research Center has found that bosses are more satisfied than employees. It’s not just because they have a greater salary and better job security, but because they have more freedom and independence.

That means you can get the same satisfaction too. There are various ways to work this out, whether it’s more flexible check-in times or working from home. The problem is when employees do achieve this level, they tend to screw it up.

There’s two thing that can happen: you either abuse your freedom and start procrastinating without the “adult” supervision, or you tend to fall off the boss’s radar.

There’s two simple methods you can employ to avoid this: stay in communication and send at least one email a day to your boss letting him know what’s up. Also, make sure you show that you deserve the newfound freedom by doing more, not less. We guarantee that this will lead to promotions, satisfaction and eventually becoming the boss yourself.

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