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If your co-worker or supervisor is going on vacation, let your evil side come out and use the their absence as a way to get a promotion.



Did we say evil? We meant EFFECTIVE.

It doesn’t mean steal their job necessarily–although Auntie Evan has done that before–but this gives you a great opportunity to prove your mettle.

In fact, while working as a guidance counselor for a nonprofit, Auntie Evan got to prove his worth when a co-worker went away for vacation. The nonprofit liked his work so much better that they promoted Auntie Evan to a supervisory role.

Instead of taking it easy when your co-workers are on vacation, step it up, especially if it’s your supervisor that’s away; they’re nervous about everything staying in order while they’re away, so once they come back and see how you’ve maintained peace and avoided snafu, only good things will come.

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