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If you want to get the job you have to look the part. And a major component of that part is footwear.

We’ve been told our whole lives that shoes make the man, but for some of us the message just hasn’t resonated very strongly. After all, who’s going to look down at your feet?

Well, your employer is. Shoes that stand out because they’re either too raggedy or don’t match your outfit are not only an eyesore, they give off a bad message to employers.

One pair we’d like to call out in particular today are Prada’s sneaker-esque solid-black shoes.

If your footwear has rubber soles and looks like a pair of glorified tennis shoes, it shouldn’t be worn to a job interview, no matter how good the suit looks.

The way the employer sees it is that, since you didn’t think things through from head to toe for the job interview, you’re not going to think things through on the job itself.

Yeah. we’re gaga for having good looking footwear at work, and that’s because shoes are likely the most worthwhile investment you can make in terms of wardrobe: they catch employers’ eyes and look great with a variety of suits and even denims. They’re an essential tool in your job hunting arsenal.

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