SHOW DATE: May 9, 2012

Before you head to a networking event or a job interview, come up with a 30-
second spiel. It’s a great way to introduce yourself at events and also to answer the
“tell me about yourself” interview question. Example: When introducing yourself,
instead of saying, “I’m a web designer,” try, “I am a techno shock therapist. I take
dead websites and I breathe new life into them, through e-marking, incorporating
integrating strategy you’re your overall marketing cap…etc.” End it with, “Tell
me about your current website.” Engage the person you are speaking to. You are
launching a conversation. This is who I am. This is what I do. Then by asking a
question at the end, you get the interviewer to talk about themselves. And then—
you are gold. Listen to Uncle David and Auntie Evan deliberate this below:

Don’t let your pregnancy hijack your career


SHOW DATE: July 18, 2012

Do not let your pregnancy take over your job. You know those women—suddenly
they’re incapable of talking anything but “baby talk.” Strollers. Diaper genies.
Feeding their babies mouth to mouth like a bird (and Alicia Silverstone—
apparently). No need to announce daily that you are carrying a baby in your belly—
it’s OBVIOUS. Be healthy, go to your doctor appointments—just don’t announce
them—and continue to focus on your work. Listen to Uncle David and Auntie Evan
debate this below:

If you want the job—lose weight and stop thinking that looks don’t matter


SHOW DATE: June 27, 2012

C’mon. Healthcare costs are rising for business, and—guess what—businesses pay
HALF of their employees healthcare. So you do the math. Would an employer rather
hire someone that appears in shape? Or out-of-shape? Look—no one is actually
gonna tell you this—because it’s not legal to discriminate. However, the appearance
of your overall general health WILL play a factor in terms of whether or not you get
hired. So save the cab fare and start walking to appointments. Strengthen that core
and eat your veggies. Listen to Uncle David and Auntie Evan examine this further

Stop complaining about your minimum wage job—get promoted instead!


SHOW DATE: June 13, 2012
Minimum wage jobs can be a great start—just don’t get stuck there. Just because
you’re being paid minimum wage doesn’t mean you have to perform minimum wage.
Sure, if you’re applying for an office job and your resume is stacked with mostly
minimum wage jobs—employers will probably move on. UNLESS your resume
shows some type of promotion—to assistant manager, or manager—an upward
mobility. This shows initiative and drive. So stop crying and get promoted. Shift your
attitude and become the shift manager. (And then the branch manager, and then an
owner!) Listen to Uncle David and Auntie Evan debate this below:

Claim credit for your work and you’ll get promoted


SHOW DATE: June 6, 2012
Turns out some negative personality traits—such as narcissism—lead to people
getting more promotions. This is because narcissistic people take credit for their
jobs. And not only do they demand credit, but they proactively let others know what
a great job they did. This might be annoying to you as a coworker of one of these
types; in fact, you probably want to punch them in the face (maybe you even have)
—but DON’T. Instead, take a lesson, and next time, when you’ve gone above and
beyond—take credit where credit is due. Listen to Uncle David and Auntie Evan
dispute this below: Technique

When asking for a raise ONLY talk about your own personal performance


SHOW DATE: May 23, 2012

For instance, talking about how another employee who doesn’t work as hard as you makes more money—NOT COOL. For starters, it’s against most companies’ policies to discuss salaries with co-workers in the first place—so you’re basically saying, “I broke the rules, but I’m a company man, so gimmie mo’ money!” Also, avoid discussing reasons other than performance for your raise. Nobody cares if your rent went up; they care about your performance. So talk about THAT. Talk about the projects you’ve been working on. Talk about your leadership skills, the value you’ve added to your department, and BE SPECIFIC. Make them see you are a team player, and they will SHOW YOU THE MONEY. Listen to Uncle David and Auntie Evan discuss this further below:

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Bosses promote the guy who matches their office culture


SHOW DATE: August 15, 2012

Whatever your boss’ attitude is, mirror that. If he swears, you can swear. If he jokes, you can joke. If he’s more tightly knit—act more conservative.  It’s simple: be a chameleon. Your bosses want to promote someone like them. Find out how Auntie Evan and Uncle David relate to their employees below:

Keep your Customers by adding a Wi-Fi hotspot


SHOW DATE: August 8, 2012

If you don’t have that in your office you are a loser. It’s free—it doesn’t cost you anything extra, but it will keep your customers happy—and from leaving your office to go to Starbucks where the Wi-Fi is FREE. Write the password on a note, put it on the door or hang it on the wall. It’s just good business. Listen to Uncle David and Auntie Evan discuss this below:

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