Silence = Death


SHOW DATE: June 27, 2012

No, this time we’re not talking about AIDS. If you work on a trading floor, and the
trader next to you keeps calling one of the associate analysts a “fag,”—speak up!
Next week that trader will be calling you fat or making fun of your receding hairline.
That advice your grandmother gave you, “Keep your head down, and don’t get
involved,” is for losers—not leaders.

Guys—Stop complaining about your female coworkers


SHOW DATE: May 9, 2012

Whether it’s a colleague or a driver—Get over it. Women are set to rule the world.
Women are surpassing men in saying that their number one goal is to pursue a high
paying job. This means more and more men might be opting out of the rat race to
pursue their passions or become stay at home dads—which is great too. So stop
complaining and embrace the change. Be like Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal—
maybe don’t marry your boss (Sandra Bullock) but you can certainly respect her.
Remember, girls are just better. Listen to Uncle David and Auntie Evan discuss this

Stop resenting the boss who pushes you hard


SHOW DATE: July 25, 2012

You will do better in your career for it. The more rigorous the coursework is,
the less we like it while it’s happening. Yet, in retrospect, the more we love the
experience. Because like when you’re at the gym—hard work brings results. Once
you realize that it’s totally normal to hate the guy that pushes you hard—you will
do better in your career, and get promoted faster. Give yourself a challenge and for
your New Year’s resolution—allow yourself to be coached. Listen to Uncle David
and Auntie Evan discuss this below:

Twenty-somethings need to be more like Grandpa


SHOW DATE: July 18, 2012

Surprisingly, nowadays 55-year-olds are more attractive for employment than 25
year-olds. Why? Because 55-year-olds have already figured out how to come in early
and stay late. You 20-somethings wanna come in late (walk of shame) and leave
early (walk to shame). Ditch the entitlement. Learn something from Grandpa. Work
your way up by putting in your time. Listen to Uncle David and Auntie Evan talk
more about this below:

Get over your bias about tweeting during office hours


SHOW DATE: June 20, 2012 It’s so last century! Also, you’re going to lose the best talent otherwise. Twenty-
somethings are now asking about social media policies during interviews. If you
don’t allow workers to tweet on the job, they might turn down that job. If you
prohibit social media—let’s be honest—your employees will just be “going to the
bathroom” a lot. And that’s just gross. Why not have them update their Facebook
profiles at their desk, at least then they can answer the phone when it rings. Listen
to Uncle David and Auntie Evan have it out below:

Give as much as you get when it comes to your professional network

SHOW DATE: June 6, 2012

If you’re only in touch with your professional contacts when you want something
from them, they are onto you. You have become a personal favor vampire. When
your number comes up on their caller ID, they’re rollin’ their eyes going, “What
does he/ she want now?!” So, how do you keep in touch with your professional
contacts? Do something for them. You want them to introduce you to people? Why
not introduce them to some people. Pay it forward. Because you can only get out of

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Don’t be afraid of your Mentee


SHOW DATE: August 1, 2012

Rarely will you end up with Eve Harrington. 75% of top executives say their
mentees helped their careers, not hurt them. There are two types of mentors—those
who want to see their mentees succeed and those who are afraid of their mentee’s
success. Don’t be the second one. Your mentee’s success is your success. You will
become a sought after mentor and that will raise your profile in your industry.
Listen to Uncle David and Auntie Evan debate this below: