Support your co-workers


SHOW DATE: June 20, 2012

Get involved in what they’re involved in. Help them paint a classroom, or go to a
play they’re in—even if they’re Peruvian and naked on stage like our office manager,

Stop taking so many sick days


SHOW DATE: May 30, 2012

Everyone notices when you’re gone. Out of sight at the workplace is not out of
mind. Rule of thumb: if you don’t have to go to the emergency room or you’re not
contagious, be at work.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


SHOW DATE: January 15, 2013

You helped your friend’s son Johnny get a job—at your office. Make sure you follow
this one simple rule: never talk about Johnny or his performance to your friend.
Certainly never complain. Pretend you are therapist—your lips are sealed. Keep it in
the vault.

People don’t remember YOUR schedule


SHOW DATE: September 26, 2012

So put your unavailability in writing. People don’t remember everything you say.
They don’t know when you’re going on vacation or when you’re having surgery.
Sorry. The world does not revolve around you. Put it in an email. My employee just
said she wouldn’t be at a meeting because she would be on jury duty. “I mentioned it
might happen a couple of weeks ago.” Are you kidding me?