It’s okay to coach your recommenders


SHOW DATE: August 1, 2012

Help them help you. Nothing is worse than having to write a recommendation—ask anyone that’s ever had to write one. Or better, ask anyone who’s about to write one. They just want to put it off and put it off because it’s work.  The say “yes” because they really want to be there for you. And then they want to put a gun to their heads. Help them not do this by giving them a list of talking points with dates and examples that will make it really simple for them. If you really want to be smart about it, write the rec, email it to them and tell them to do with it what they want. Nine times out of 10, they won’t change a word. You have helped them, help you. Listen to Uncle David and Auntie Evan battle it out below:

Don’t be afraid of your Mentee


SHOW DATE: August 1, 2012

Rarely will you end up with Eve Harrington. 75% of top executives say their
mentees helped their careers, not hurt them. There are two types of mentors—those
who want to see their mentees succeed and those who are afraid of their mentee’s
success. Don’t be the second one. Your mentee’s success is your success. You will
become a sought after mentor and that will raise your profile in your industry.
Listen to Uncle David and Auntie Evan debate this below:

There are no quick questions—everyone at your office gets it but you.


SHOW DATE: March 21, 2012

Don’t be the crazy person who bothers your boss or co-worker with that “one quick
question.” Unless you’re just asking for the time of day, almost all quick questions
demand responses that require expertise and time of someone else. Tip: Wait until
you’re in a scheduled meeting.