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We just took a week-long cruise to Bermuda (yes, it was awesome, and yes, you should be jealous), and while on deck, kicking up our sandals on the high seas, we noticed something fascinating about the ship’s crew. Especially the entertainers.

Just imagine, you’re basically trapped on this boat with a handful of other 20-somethings all wanting to make it big as actors, dancers, hosts, etc.

While Uncle David was looking at the performer’s legs, I (Auntie Evan) chatted them up and noticed something peculiar.

Job lore claims that getaways like Disneyland or cruises are hell-on-earth career paths for entertainers.

Not from what I saw and heard.

These guys are doing some serious theater, constantly.

Uncle David brings up a good point though: why the hell would these guys leave the opportunity-laden theatrical grounds of New York for half a year at a time to entertain a bunch of booze-soaked tourists?

My take is a bit different. These guys are building their resume. Their doing Mama Mia on a ship. They have something to take back home in six months’ time.

When opportunities dry up on land, take to the ocean.


We were talking to Desmond while on the ship. This guy makes $3,500. That’s rent-free. The ship probably gives him free meals too… so that’s 40 g’s a year that you’re NOT making sitting at home trying to secure a spot as an extra.

Do you really think it’s career suicide to go on a cruise ship? I think that’s just old-school thinking. It’s so last-century it hurts.

Vegas. Disneyland. Disneyworld. Cruise ships. Performers look down on these jobs. They have this image that working at an amusement park, casino or ship is like the ghetto of the industry.

But what are they doing now? Probably sitting at home and judging, critiquing and laughing at the people actually earning something. While they themselves earn nothing.


Those performers on our cruise are sending out videos over social media daily to their agents. They’re not missing any auditions.

If you’re trying to get your foot in the performing career, it really doesn’t get much better than cruise ships, or amusement parks, or casinos, or any venue of that ilk.

This an all-expenses paid job that give you leeway to build your resume, meet new people and practice. You are literally refining your craft in front of an audience, getting clips, and being provided all basic human necessities FREE.

You call yourself a working performer. So go work.

We also added a link to’s cruise line auditions to our tools page, so get check that out, along with a ton of other helpful job tools.

Till next time.

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